Rocky’s only Halotherapy

The HaloIR is the first product to offer a synergistic combination of an Infrared Sauna and Dry Salt Therapy. It was created to engage all 5 senses for a truly transformative experience.

TASTE the salty air, SMELL the essential oil, FEEL the warmth of the infrared heat as it envelops your body, HEAR the soothing voice of professional guided meditation, and SEE the changing lights of the medical grade chromatherapy lights.


Dry Salt Therapy involves breathing in air infused with tiny, pharmaceutical-grade salt particles. It's considered a natural treatment for respiratory and skin conditions.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Respiratory →

  • Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, and Anti-inflammatory

  • Opens the bronchial tubes in the lungs; helps to reduce inflammation in the sinuses & small airways

  • Breaks up and clears mucus

  • Increases PH level – reduces acidity

Skin →

  • Naturally triggers skin microcirculation and membrane activity

  • Enhances skin’s protective and reparative properties

  • Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial

Athletic Performance →

  • Expands the airways for increased lung functions and capacity

  • Enhances performance

  • Increases oxygen saturation and exchange

  • Helps with muscle endurance and recovery

Ear Infection →

Halotherapy can greatly relieve the swelling and pain that is common with an ear infection by penetrating the ear canal with salt particles.
Salt, as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, reduces the swelling of the tubes in your ear, allowing the fluid to drain. Over 70% of children suffer from ear infections.

Near and Far Infrared

Top benefits of Infrared saunas

  • Better sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Detoxification

  • Weight loss

  • Relief from sore muscles

  • Relief from joint pain such as arthritis

  • Clear and tighter skin

  • Improved circulation

  • Help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Improved appearance of cellulite

Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Red Light therapy

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots

  • Reduces stretch marks

  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair

  • Improves facial texture

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Increases melatonin / improves sleep

  • Improves muscle recovery and energy levels

  • Improves joint health

  • Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Improves psoriasis, eczema and rosacea


Healing With Color

Color is light split into different wavelengths vibrating at different speeds and at different frequencies. Objects that ABSORB all wavelengths and DO NOT reflect are black in nature. Objects that REFLECT all wavelengths and DO reflect are white in nature. Between black and white lies COLOR. Colors are wavelengths of energy that, to us, appear as color because of the potential and capabilities of the object to either absorb or reflect the energy.


Red is called “The Great Energizer.” 


Yellow helps awaken mental inspiration arousing higher mentality. 


Green is the universal healing color. Green is midway in the color spectrum; therefore, it contains both a physical nature and a spiritual nature, in equal balance and in equal harmony. 


Blue on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the visible spectrum. Blue can be used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat.


Orange has a freeing action upon the mind, relieving repression. Because orange is a blend of red and yellow, it combines physical energy with mental wisdom, inducing a transformation between lower physical reaction and higher mental response. 


Violet is the last color we can see before light passes on to ultra-violet. Violet purifies our thoughts and feelings giving us inspiration in all undertakings. The violet energy connects us to our spiritual self bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength, and enhances artistic talent and creativity. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten fold by meditating under the gentle rays of violet, as found in church windows. 


KSAra, the Sanskrit word for salt, is a powerful combination of guided meditation and halotherapy, two ancient therapies now coming together as one. Dry salt therapy is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory and relieves stress, boosts immunity, and creates a deep relaxation. Layered on top, guided meditation takes it to the next level and can really have great results for stress and anxiety relief

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